Branding & Strategy

The «Look & Feel» or Branding and corporate identity of your company is very important, as it is the outer layer of your business and may be the first thing that is judged. With a concentrated load of creativity, paired with a strategic goal, we strive to create unique and impressive brand images to give ideas & visions a strong conceptual base to build from and an identity that cannot be ignored.

Media & Content

Content is Kingdom – it shows your world, your kingdom and is the main tool to spread the word! With our skills, we create emotional and informative assets that explain who you are and why you are here to stay. We drive soul into your project and awaken emotions within your target group to allow space for growth. Our experienced content heads will create expressive material for all your needs, so you are presented in the best possible light.

Digital Marketing

With our industry know-how and expertise, we take appropriate and tailored measures to develop your optimal digital Marketing base. We run cost-effective, targeted and coordinated marketing campaigns across various platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, X, Pinterest etc. Thus, we create interlocking multichannel campaign strategies to offer your audience as many touchpoints as possible.

Our values


Passion brings the drive. We combine our passion for what we do with an innovative and state of the art approach, so we can leave creative footprints that cannot be ignored.

One Source

We cover the full spectrum from the initial idea to giving it an identity and then spreading the word. We unite strengths, so we are able to deliver a high class supply chain from creative brainwork to true facts.


Your identity is the outer layer of your business, and your facts & numbers are the core. We work on all levels to provide a qualitative base so your business can grow beyond itself.


Creating your own world requires a lot of care. Due to our transparent and communicative approach we can work closely with our customers to give their idea & voice the attention it deserves.

Combine the strengths of each. That is the goal of Paradeyez. On the one hand, this ensures quality. On the other hand, through our passion, we never stand still and are constantly evolving.

Erik Blommers

Head of Creative

Jannik Berger

Head of Media

Rahel Isenegger

Head of Marketing

Julian Homann

Head of Sales

from vision to reality

to Paradeyez.